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By David Veksler

The Bitcoin Consultancy (Formerly A weekly newsletter about the history, finance, and technology behind Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Consultancy (Formerly
A weekly newsletter about the history, finance, and technology behind Bitcoin.

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Here are the most common categories of crypto scams I've come across


Is Inflation Good For The Poor? (The Bitcoin Consultancy - Issue 6)

The worst aspect of inflation is not rising prices or eroding savings, but the censorship of price signals required for a thriving economy.


Joe's Tax Troubles Trying to Cash Out His Crypto Fortune (The Bitcoin Consultancy - Issue #5)

Joe knows that he needs to sell most of his crypto holdings because he is smart enough to realize that he got lucky. There are 100,000+ tokens out there, and of the 100 that Joe bought, he picked a few winners and then doubled down on them a few times. He bea…


The Economics of Bitcoin (The Bitcoin Consultancy - Issue 4)

Ever since the times of Babylon, people have saved and lent their money. Until 2008.


How to Earn Your Income from Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin One on One, Episode 1)

Bitcoin One on One is my brand new podcast.In this premiere episode of Bitcoin On One, we're talking about how to make a full-time income in the cryptocurrency space. Josh Souter came over to my backyard to discuss how he was able to quit his job to become a …


How to Avoid Buying Trash Crypto That Wastes Your Money (The Bitcoin Consultancy - Issue 2)

AnonymityCryptocurrencies are only pseudo-anonymous. It’s impossible to know who owns some coins from an address alone. But if you interact with the legacy financial system, for example, by cashing out your gains for fiat, your identity can sometimes be found…


How Fiat Money Corrupted Savings & Made Us All Market Speculators

Before the world switched to a fiat monetary system, people who wanted to build wealth kept their savings in a bank. Interest rates tended to equal the average rate of profit, which was enough for all but a small minority of professional investors and entrepr…