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By David Veksler

The Bitcoin Consultancy (Formerly A weekly newsletter about the history, finance, and technology behind Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Consultancy (Formerly
A weekly newsletter about the history, finance, and technology behind Bitcoin.

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Why Bitcoin is NOT "crypto" - The Bitcoin Consultancy - Issue #28

This newsletter is based on my talk "Bitcoin vs "Crypto" why they are not the same" at Liberty On The Rocks Denver, which you can watch below:


Where To Invest Your Idle Cash | Visit us at FreedomFest

This Friday at FreedomFest, I will present my talk "A Practical Guide to Financial Self-Sovereignty." I will show you the threats that government money poses to your wealth, and present practical steps to take control of your wealth and protect yourself from …


Should You Earn CeFi Yield On Your Crypto? - The Bitcoin Consultancy - Issue #26

1: You can do the same thing yourself, but how much is your time worth?You can get the same yield as Celsius on your own in DeFi. Use sites like to explore the best protocols for each token on each chain. However, generating yield on more than one…


Four Ways To Generate Passive Income From Your Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin is the original strategy for generating Bitcoin. In the early days, it was possible to mine hundreds of Bitcoin on any laptop. But since 2014, mining Bitcoin has required specialized ASIC hardware which today costs upwards of $10,000. Furthermo…


How I Recover Stolen NFTs from Crypto Scammers 🥷🏼

When crypto thieves get a hold of your wallet, they typically do two things: first, they drain all your funds from the wallet. Second, they install a sweeper bot that checks the balance every few seconds and drains it as soon as you send anything to that wall…


Crypto Yield Report: An Honest Guide to Passive Income From Your HODLings

CeFi Bitcoin YieldsCelsius: 6.2% for the first .25BTC, then 3.05 BTC.Nexo: 5% for the first $50K then 1%, if locked-in for 1 month.Voyager Digital: 4.75%, unlimited, .01 BTC minimum to 1.5% to 6.5% depending on the staked CRO amount and lock-i…


The 60/40 Portfolio Is Dead. Introducing the 33/33/33 Crypto Mix

A portfolio should have two goals: capital preservation (keep what you have) and appreciation (increase the value of your assets). By diversifying your portfolio into both inflation-sheltered and income-producing investments, we can balance both goals. The 33…


Why 💯% of "Bitcoin Recovery" Services Are Scams 😱

Can a Bitcoin recovery service help get my stolen Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc back?The first and most important thing you should know is that there is absolutely no way to reverse confirmed Bitcoin/cryptocurrency transactions. Once a transaction is confirmed on the …


How To Take Your NFT& Defi Income Back from a Crypto Scammer

Anyone can sign up and create ads on Facebook and Google.This includes crypto scammers. If you try to access your Trezor hardware wallet, you might see this:


How to steal Bitcoin from an iPhone

1: Jailbreak The iPhoneA "jailbreak" (or "root" for Android devices) means gaining super-user permissions on your iPhone. These permissions allow apps to escape the "sandbox" that limits what apps can normally do on IOS. There have been dozens of different ja…


Can Bitcoin Fix Big Tech Censorship?

Today is the start of Hereticon, an annual conference that celebrates heretical ideas. Why celebrate thoughtcrime? According to Hereticon: While our culture is fascinated by the righteousness of our historical heretics, it is obsessed with the destruction of …


🔥How To Keep Your Bitcoin And Crypto Safe In 2022 🔐

A hardware wallet is the best way to store Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. There are three good options: Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey. I prefer the Trezor, but pick any of them, then write down your seed on paper, and put that paper in a safe.


How To Tell If A Cryptocurrency Or DeFi Platform Is A Scam

1: Does this project have a legitimate profit model?There are a few legitimate ways to make a profit in crypto, such as mining, lending, staking, and yield farming. Learn what each means to so can evaluate if an opportunity is legitimate. Never invest money i…


💸How To Keep Your Crypto Accounts Secure From Hackers 🔐

🔐 Level 1: Essential:1: I use Bitwarden as my password manager. Every single service I use has a unique, strong password. I only need to memorize a single very strong master password to log in to the hundreds of services I use. (If you're like me and struggle…


The Top Five Scams in Crypto (from

I just published the 2021 Survey of Crypto and Defi Scams from and The Bitcoin Consultancy.


Inflation Is Here Today. Five Ways To Protect Your Wealth

1: Low-interest debt: Inflation favors borrowers because you can pay back your debt with money that is worth less than when you borrowed it. With mortgage interest rates at around 3% and (official) inflation around 7%, lenders are paying you 4% to borrow mone…


Six Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Real Estate As A Store of Wealth

If you want to earn interest on Bitcoin & crypto holdings, my favorite platforms are Celsius and Nexo. They will pay you interest just for holding crypto with them.While you can earn on all the top cryptocurrencies with these platforms, what they are most…


Six Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Fiat Money

1: Bitcoin is scarce. There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoin. Fiat currencies have an unlimited supply, and all governments have often abused the ability to create new money. Every single fiat currency has lost value. While new Bitcoin is being mine…


Six Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Superior To Gold

1: Bitcoin is far more portable than gold. You can send it anywhere in the world instantly for a trivial fee. 2: Bitcoin transactions can be instantly and remotely verified. It's impossible to fake a Bitcoin transaction. Verifying receipt of gold bullion is a…


How to Protect Yourself From DeFi Platform Hacks

Below, you can see a sample MetaMask transaction confirmation dialog. Note that the dialog shows the network (Ethereum Mainnet) and the action (GET REWARD). It also shows the total amount of the transaction – .014 ETH