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Six Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Real Estate As A Store of Wealth

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Six Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Real Estate As A Store of Wealth
By David Veksler • Issue #11 • View online
Real estate is the primary form of household wealth around the world, while Bitcoin is a radical new asset class that isn’t widely accepted as a store of value.
Yet Bitcoin is a fundamentally better store of value than real estate, and here are six reasons why:
1: Bitcoin is more portable than real estate: Bitcoin can be sent cheaply and near-instantly around the world. A house… cannot.
2: Bitcoin is more fungible than real estate: One Bitcoin is a good as any other Bitcoin. A house…. is not.
3: Bitcoin is more durable than real estate: Bitcoin requires zero maintenance. You can keep it forever etched on a steel plate. A home requires regular upkeep.
4: Bitcoin is more scarce than real estate: When home prices go up, so does home construction. But there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoin.
5: Bitcoin is more divisible than estate: Bitcoin is infinitely divisible. A house…is not.
6: Bitcoin is easier to spend than real estate: 6% of a home sale is spent on transaction costs. Bitcoin can be sold on many exchanges for a small fee.
While the $33 trillion US housing market won’t disappear, to the extent that housing is used as a store of wealth, Bitcoin will eventually capture a large portion of its market cap.

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If you want to earn interest on Bitcoin & crypto holdings, my favorite platforms are Celsius and Nexo. They will pay you interest just for holding crypto with them.
While you can earn on all the top cryptocurrencies with these platforms, what they are most useful for is stablecoin deposits. You can get 8-10% APY in your stablecoins in a variety of currencies. While I recommend most people minimize their dollar exposure due to inflation, these platforms are a great place to park your operating cash.
While these lending platforms are not FDIC insured, their loans are 100% backed, so there is no risk of a bank run. I trust the management teams of these platforms, but it is of course possible that the platforms could be hacked or have their assets seized by governments. Celcius has over $20 billion in AUM, while Nexo has $12 billion. I also trust the stablecoin projects, especially USDC (with a $34 billion market cap).
There are many lending platforms, but I think Celsius and Nexo are the safest given their management team, security features, long history, and technology partners.
These platforms have competitive rates that change frequently, but currently:
* Celcius usually has the edge in stablecoin rates.
* Nexo is best for offering consistent rates for everything *but* Bitcoin and Ethereum
* For Bitcoin, Celcius offers 6.2% for the first .25 BTC and 3.05% for anything higher.
* Nexo offers a 1% bonus for 1-month terms on all assets, with higher rates longer terms of some assets.
* Nexo has occasional bonus rates offering higher rates for new tokens, while Celcius has regular promos where they gift Bitcoin for activity.
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